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Half an Hour, Sept 28, 2017

We're reorganizing again and I was recently asked about my education and training. I wasn't sure exactly what to submit but here's what I came up with:


    - (BA, MA, and an ABD (PhD studies, 'All But Dissertation' completed))

    - Teaching philosophy: 10 years (University of Alberta, Athabasca University, Grande Prairie Regional College)


Media and Journalism

    - various training courses & conferences, including graphic design, news writing, editing

    - 5 years experiences, including 2 years as editor of a 20K circulation weekly

    - Online news sites include NewsTrolls, Moncton Free Press, 19 years publishing the OLDaily newsletter

    - French language training at NRC (includes classes and tutorial session), certified bilingual

    - Various online photography courses / portfolio of 35K photos on Flickr



    - training – various courses toward the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE), Manitoba (we then developed courses in CAE for online delivery)

    - numerous seminars and workshops through attendance at some 400 conferences on the subject

    - teaching experience (noted above) plus development and delivery of novel-format online courses


Computer Technology

    - training – 1 year of Algonquin College computer science, plus another year (via night school) at SAIT

    - in-house training at Texas Instruments (including formal courses and instruction on geophysical data processing, remote job entry and networks, communications); then developed training program

    - taught myself ML/Assembler and C (using Borland Turbo), BASIC (using Microsoft training program), Perl (using O'Reilly series), Python (using Codecademy training system), Javascript/JQuery (using W3C schools)

    - I developed a range of other skills in web technologies, too much to list



   - Former board member: University of Alberta, Athabasca University (received in-house Board training, including formal mediation training)

  - Former shop steward (Hotel, Restaurant and Tavern Workers Local 237) and negotiations (CUEW), received in-house representation and bargaining training

   - Various program and project management courses at NRC (about 7 or 8 in all, I didn't keep track and apparently neither did NRC)

   - Experienced project & program leader


I tried to think of more, but that's about it.



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