Don't call it a snow day: Schools closed, but Leyden students participate in 'e-learning day' from home

Heather Cherone, Chicago Tribune, Feb 10, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The snow last week in the U.S. Midwest has allowed some Chicagi-area schools to test their "e-learning day" arrangements. Leyden High School is " one of three Illinois school districts participating in a pilot program that could put an end to snow days for good." Accoridng to the article, they will "judge the success of the e-learning day by tracking student attendance, as well as gathering survey and anecdotal data from teachers, parents and students." Right now they expect students to be in e-class for five hours; it will be a better test when they are given actual learning outcomes to complete.

In neighbouring Indiana, it's also e-learning day. But there's even more happening there. I've said before that e-learning days will soon extend beyond snow days. It's happening a bit faster than I thought. Case in point: in Fort Wayne, some Allen Country schools are implementing flex days. " “It’s a scheduled day, where parents and everybody knows on this day we are going to run an e-learning day and in the morning our teachers get professional development and in the afternoon they are online with kids.” It's not new; Homestead High school started running flex days in 2014. More.

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