Manufacturing an Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Yarden Katz, SSRN, Feb 09, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is an interesting paper from last November that reminds me a lot of the work being done by Audrey Watters. The value of this paper is an informed history of the history of AI and its critics (though I would have given credit for 'the view from nowhere' to Thomas Nagel rather than Alison Adam). It has a number of funny examples of deep learning systems misinterpreting images, though in all fairness a lot of humans would misinterpret them as well. That said, there's no doubt about the corporate flavour and intention of contemporary AI programs. And I agree that these corporate-run projects are indifferent to social and political content, even to the point where they perpetuate and even exaggerate historical injustices. But from where I sit, that's a criticism of corporations, not AI.

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