Why one professor live-streamed lectures for free on social media

Louisa Simmons, University Affairs, Jan 31, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If things are important, you talk about them, you share the talks, and you celebrate the wide access that becomes possible. That, I think, is the lesson from this short article. "Graham Reynolds... is a professor emeritus at Cape Breton University who says he’s still got enough life left in him to teach a course called 'Viola Desmond’s Canada.'" A black businesswoman in Nova Scotia, Viola Desmond refused to vacate a whites-only section of a threatre in 1946 and the case that resulted kicked off the modern civil rights movement in Canada. “For me, this is a legacy course,” Reynolds said. “This is something that will be available as long as there’s a YouTube site that’s willing to hold the file.” As it should be.

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