Implement OAuth in 15 minutes with Firebase

Michael Dowden, Martine Dowden, Michael McGinnis, O'Reilly, Jan 25, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a glimpse at the underpinnings of the modern web. OAuth allows you to use your login from one website on another website. When you see those boxes saying 'log in with Google' or 'log in with Facebook' you're seeing OAuth. Firebase is a no-SQL database application. It allows for free-form data storage. The article is "a start-to-finish example with Angular and Typescript." Angulay is a Javascript framework that manages web applications. Typescript is a type of Javascript that compiles to Javacript (confusing? Javascript has an awkward and wordy syntax, so Typescript makes it a lot easier to create Javascript code). What makes all this work in 15 minutes is that " Firebase is a Google product, you already have a developer account by virtue of signing up for Firebase. Therefore, Firebase requires no manual creation of API keys for OAuth."

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