Task Analysis or “How DO you do that?”

Brett D. Christensen, Workplace Performance, Jan 12, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Today's new word is "scalaring", not only new to the author's colleagues but to me as well. It is part of the process of analyzing a task to see what the person actually has to do. It's a term from military training design and injvolves the process of creating a scalar diagram while competing a task analysis, where a scalar diagram "clearly defines the overall structure of the course content by graphically illustrating the hierarchy of EOs and teaching points for each Performance Objective" (the term 'EO' is left undefined but I assume it means something like 'Educational Objective'). As Brett Christensen notes, "One of the great challenges in task analysis is getting the expert to fully explain all the required knowledge, skill and abilities involved in successful task completion."

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