Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Is Completely Busted

Eric Ravenscraft, ReviewGeek, Jan 02, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"Facebook has no idea what you want," writes Eric Ravenscraft in this scathing review of the social network site's news feed. It tends to focus on recently added friends andf frequently-posting people as well as controversy (as signified by engagement) and, of course, advertisements (a.k.a. "promoted posts"). Users can't really define what they want to see (just what they don't, and Facebook "seems to re-follow some people if you unfollow too many"). The reason the feed is so bad is that you wouldn't use it if it only showed you what you want to see. "Facebook’s never going to reach a point where they say 'Well, that’s all your close friends have to say! Maybe you should go outside.'" So it fills your feed full of junk to keep you scrolling.

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