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Wired is prone to grand overstatements, and that's probably the case here as well. Having said that, the phenomenon they point to is real. The article points to YouTube advice channels such as Every Frame a Painting,  VSauceCGP Gray and Lessons from the Screenplay. The article talks about the "YouTube Film School", but it's just a concept, not an actually existing thing. I did find something called "No Film School", though. Also, there's a video talking about five channels that replace film school: D4Darius, Filmmaker IQEvery Frame a Painting, This Guy Edits, and Rocketjump Film School. You'll find more if you search. What these channels don't replace, of course, is the feedback that you would receive from instructors and peers. You have to set that up for yourself, joining channels, commenting on others' work, and engaging in the filmmaking community.

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