The New Media Consortium: its sudden death and what comes next

Bryan Alexander, Dec 21, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"The New Media Consortium (NMC) regrets to announce that because of apparent errors and omissions by its former Controller and Chief Financial Officer, the organization finds itself insolvent. Consequently, NMC must cease operations immediately.” Bryan Alexander writes., "The first and most important thing to bear in mind here is the human tragedy suffered by the NMC staff ( linkthe official site’s page has been down for a few days)... There’s a crisis here, one requiring immediate, practical responses.  We can also look ahead a bit and get creative... I think that’s a splendid way – maybe the best way – to honor the legacy of the New Media Consortium: to build upon the smoldering ruins something new, creative and amazing." Coverage from EdSurge, Inside Higher Ed, Campus Technology. Note that the NMC website is back up and accessible today.

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