Moocs can still bring higher education to those who really need it

Diana Laurillard, Eileen Kennedy, Times Higher Education, Dec 16, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

For something that's supposed to be dead, MOOCs are still very much alive. And according to this articlee, they have more potential for the future. "Moocs are still multiplying and branching out into new forms of accredited learning experiences," write the authors. Millions of people "are capable of studying online but live too far from affordable campus education. For them, online learning might be their only chance to study. Given that the digital world now enables remote employment as well as remote learning, online learning could be a lifeline to a level of prosperity that has never before been possible.But they have yet to reach their goal of offering access to learning to children. "We need tens of millions of as-yet untrained teachers to educate school-age children. Moocs cannot directly teach those children, but they can train non-professional adults to become those teachers."

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