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I waver back and forth on the topic of institutions. On the one hand, I find that they are capable of significant harm, as they concentrate power and authority and and easily usurped to work for an elite. Exhibit A: the university system. But by the same token, institutions create the fabric of society, without whiuch we exist only in a dog-eat-dog world of feudal authority. Whatever your views, institutions are being challenged in 2017. We have Umair Haque, formerly of Harvard Business Review, writing that American institutions are broken and near collapse. And here in Wired danah boyd asks, "what would it take to restructure the configuration of finance, political governance, and corporate activity for something that's a public good?" She argues, "the networks have become too fragmented and too polarized. Technology doesn't help; it simply magnifies the poles... (we) were wrong to say that people would actively connect to those who were different than them because they could through technology."

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