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John Stone, Feb 06, 2004

I'm not sure what to make of this site, but it's very inspiring and a testament to what a little determination and a blog can do. Having purchased an exercise bicycle just a week ago (those who have seen my photos can understand why) I feel a little like 'John Stone 2003'. No, I do not intend to use my blog as a personal fitness journal (you will no doubt be relieved to know). But what is really interesting is that writing OLDaily has been for me on a mental basis the same as John Stone's blog has been for him on a physical basis. This probably speaks more to adopting a regular (and positive) routine and sticking to it (hence my half hour morning 'cycle' nowadays) than to the power of blogs. But a bit more: putting yourself 'out there', though not for the timid, is probably one of the best motivators I can think of. Anyhow, this was for me a fascinating site, and even if I'm not about to start eating Glucosamine Complex/1.2g Chrondroitin Sulfate I still feel motivated just looking at it. Via Seb and Seb.

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