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I am broadly supportive of the objectives of this report (40 page PDF) though I don't find all of the argumentation convincing. The old "Canada is falling behind" argument is meaningless; we are also "falling behind" in gun ownership and in clearcutting forests, but that doesn't mean we should reverse course. The main argument is the argument in the strategic objectives section: supporting international study opportunities will support long-term economic growth and innovation in Canada by reinforcing the values of openness and inclusion that are essential to Canada's success as a diverse society, and fostering intercultural and international cooperation. But the program should not be for students only. It should make a diligent effort (far beyond the token support in the report) to include disadvantaged and working Canadians, including especially aboriginal youth. And it should enlarge the scope of Canadian travel beyond the u.S., the U.K., and Europe. We will learn more by studying diverse cultures in Africal, Latin America and Asia. Via both the Globe and Mail, and Academica, neither of which included a link to the actual report (why oh why?).

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