The Three Fundamental Moments of Podcast's Crazy Rise

Nicholas Quah, Wired, Oct 29, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Doc Searls is quite right to complain about this article in Wired ostensibly about the history of podcasting. It fails, as he notes, to mention Adam Curry aand Dave Winer, and seems to get the relation between "podcast" and "RSS feed" backwards  - a podcast is an RSS feed (one that contains references to MP3s as enclosurfes), so it doesn't make sense to talk about "the first mainstream podcast to have an RSS feed". My own contribution, 2003's Ed Radio, has even been excised from the Wikipedia page, but I've long since gotten used to that. I am enjoying the renaissance of podcasting, but wish professional magazine writers would preserve some semblance of accuracy in reporting.

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