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There's certainly room for criticism of the entire endeavouyr, as Audrey Watters makes clear in this post, and I prefer to steer well clear of the U.S. policy debate. Plenty of pundits (incluiding Watters) have made that their main focus. What interested me here was the list of "experts" assembled by Inside Higher Ed: consultant Bryan Alexander; Lindsey Downs, communication manager, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET); Michael Horn, chief strategy officer, Entangled Ventures; co-founder, Clayton Christensen Institute;Adam Newman, managing partner, Tyton Partners; Jonathan Poritz,office in the American Association of University Professors; and James Wiley, principal technology analyst, Eduventures Research. They each offer their own equally idiosyncratic lists of readings, which if taken together create a bit of a Frankenstein model of the field.

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