The Century collegiate handbook

Garland Greever, Internet Archive, Oct 11, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is one of the many books from  'freed' by the Internet Archive under a rule "which allows for non-profit libraries and archives to reproduce, distribute, display and publicly perform a work if it meets the criteria of: a published work in the last twenty years of copyright, and after conducting a reasonable investigation, no commercial exploitation or copy at a reasonable price could be found." This particular volume dates from 1939 and is basically a guide to clear writing. Students today could do worse. The collection as a whole contains a number of gems (eating up far too much of my afternoon) including A Dictionary of American Slang (including a separate section for baseball slang), Beyond the Solar System (asks the question: are there other solar systems?), Diplomatically Speaking (the autobiography of a young American diplomat up to and through WW1) and, well, so much more. The collection as a whole is called The Sonny Bono Memorial Collection. Via DigitalKoans.

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