Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning With Technology

Jeremy Roschelle, Wendy Martin, June Ahn, Patricia Schank, The Center for Innovative Research in Cyber Learning, Oct 10, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I found myself nodding along as I read the introduction to this report (86 page PDF) describing cyberlearning research. It says, for example, "Researchers have found that the best way to investigate potential advances is to design learning experiences and study them." Additionally, "Demonstrating impacts on conventional education measures is rarely the primary intent in cyberlearning research, especially because today’s standardized tests are often ill suited to assessing what learners are achieving in these new environments." Yes, yes. The five points listed that make cyberlearning research distinctive also characterize my own research: oriented to a future horizon, focused on equity, learning across multiple contexts (and not just in classrooms), research through design, expression through making and sharing, and convergence of methods from across different disciplines. There's a lot more in this report, which though focused exclusively on the U.S. context is nonetheless well worth reading.  It describes six reserach contexts from among the 279 research grant awards, three research methods, and supporting data on roadmap and scalability. See more from the CIRCL Center here and read the blog here.

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