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"Open Up Resources is a nonprofit working to develop the highest quality full-course OER curricula," according to this announcement, and "Microsoft Education is offering this curriculum through OneNote Forms and custom dashboards." This is the sort of thing I've been lookinbg to see more of - the idea is that open educational resources can be used in other applications by students or teachers as stuff they can use to create things. This works on all levels. "Teachers can distribute the Illustrative Mathematics course materials on any device via OneNote. Students can write, draw, collaborate and save their work automatically in a personal digital notebook. Real-time collaboration can occur around the materials: teacher-to-class, teacher-to-student, and student-to-student. OneNote Class Notebooks integrate seamlessly with common LMS and SIS platforms." Now I haven't tested this, but it's the ambition that interests me here far more than the execution.

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