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So here is what Silicon Valley finders are spending their money on in a bid to disrupt education. "The Global Learning Xprize will help prove that with the right resources, children can teach themselves to read, write and do arithmetic." Here are the finalists:

  • CCI (New York) is developing a platform to enable non-coders to develop sequential instructional programs
  • Chimple (Bangalore) is developing instructional games and stories for literacy and numeracy
  • KitKit School (Berkeley) is developing a learning program with a game-based core
  • oneBillion (London) is developing learning activities with continuous monitoring
  • RoboTutor (Pittsburgh) is using some Carnegie Mellon reserach for an unspecified product

Each team is getting a $1 million startup grant. The winning team (ie., "the team whose solution enables the greatest proficiency gains in reading, writing and arithmetic") will get a $10 million Grand Prize. It's hard to be impressed with any of these proposals. I don't know why the organizers thing that short-term success with a test group will scale globally.

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