63 easy steps to digital literacy

Doug Peterson, Sept 19, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't think that there are 63 "easy steps" to anything, much less digital literacy. And some of these steps require 100-league boots. One, for example, is to "distinguish fact from opinion, and know the importance of each" - a task that has eluded philosophers for millenia. Even more difficult, there's "how to identify what’s worth understanding." My own work is ties up in "how to remix, mash, reimagine, tweak, hack, and repurpose media in credible, compelling, and legal ways." Maybe not always legal. ;)  Also: "when it is socially-acceptable to check messages, update statuses, check scores, and so on" (answer: always). Other difficult tasks: "how to identify and fully participate in critical familial and social citizenships," including your own. And finally, "passive-aggressiveness, snark, arrogance, unjustified brazenness, cyberbullying-without-being-obvious-about-it, blocking-for-dramatic-effect, ignoring people, and other digital habits." Doug Peterson writes, "This is highly recommended reading and an opportunity to start planning lessons that address the issues on an ongoing basis." Which takes us back to the first item.

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