It’s official - higher education students want staff to be better with digital, not to use more of it

JISC, Sept 12, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One of the problems with of surveys telling us "what students want" is that they're surveys of students. And the population of 'students' is a highly selected population characterized by greater than average family social stanting and wealth, greater success in traditional academic systems, and greater orientation toward predefined academic goals. This produces exactly the sort of traits that would favour technology "most often used for accessing information and for the production of work in a digital format, and is valued for its convenience." Not, say, to 'learn', 'experience new things', or 'go beyond the curriculum'. Get outside the traditional student body and the demands on technology most likely change, which could be why games and productivity tools seem to emphasize such different features.Here's the full report (40 page PDF).

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