What do adult learners really want?

Dan Haesler, Sept 11, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've been on both sides of this discussion (on all four sides, actually, if you construct the table). Give a talk, and people want something more interactive. But "If you make us get into groups and give us post-it notes I’m outta here.” Generally, like the author of this post, I offer what organizers ask for. But I've been both put to sleep by lectures and left climbing the walls by group-work. Yet I've also had extremely rewarding examples of both. In the non-lecture workshops I do, I've deliberately tried to break the group effect in groupwork by shuffling groups and setting group members up to oppose each other. But I don't have an answer outside that chalk board - postit note nexus. Which is why I often wonder whether the classroom is the right environment at all.

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