Alasdair MacIntyre on Education

Gardner Campbell, Gardner Writes, Sept 11, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As usual a Gardner Campbell post promptys in me a host of reflections. The core question being considered is whether epistemology - 'how we know what we know' is foundational, or whether something else, such as morality - 'what ought we to do next' - is foundational. I fall on the side or priorizing knowledge (and am no satisfied with responses like "they're all foundational"). Yet I'm constantly wondering about my place in the world, what my own enquiry (for my life has really jut been one long enquiry) has to do with that, and whether I'm even entitled, or worthy, or qualified. Is that a moral question, or is it an epistemological question? "One might even call these rhetorics the 'prosperity gospel' version of higher education," writes campbell, "and ask how such definitions of “success” will help when the storms come–as they do, especially when we dare to hope to try to build a better world, and especially when those efforts are thwarted."

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