Orion Labs completes $18.25M in Funding to Expand its Next Generation Voice Platform for Real-time Business

Press Release, Orion, Sept 08, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

While I was in Poland I joked with the translator that he would need to find a new job soon. He assured me he was find for now. Well, maybe not. Here's Orion. "Starting today, all customers have access to a preview of Translator, Orion’s new real-time voice translation bot. Orion’s Translator gives users the ability to speak in English and have their message instantly translated to Spanish, or the other way around." It's by the company which makes Onyx, "a compact, lightweight wearable for real-time, heads-up walkie-talkie-style communication over any distance with other Onyx users." Onyx is currently shipping to the U.S. and Canada; the Android app works with Onyx to provide access to Orion.

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