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Melody Kramer, Wikimedia Blg, Sept 05, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I spent most of my time with this article analyzing the 'class photo' for signs of tribal identity (note: not a good thing). They have their own salute and appear to have mascots. The different versions of the salute look like they denote degrees of membership: there's the group that did it correctly (thumb and single forefinger forming a clear 'W'), the group that was sort of right (thumbs joined correctly but with all fingers being used to created a 'winged W'), the group that just got it wrong(crossed thumbs, for example), and the 'out there' group who made salutes using pinky fingers, metal-head hands, or hang-loose gestures. I also looked for diversity and didn't really find it (this session, at least, addresses it, and some of the built-in biases - see esp. 46:00 ff - I wonder why this was streamed to Facebook while some keynotes (but not the good talks) and many of the sessions went to Youtube (and some even to Wikimedia Commons!). And I'm surprised they would try to run a conference in Montreal (and streamed internationally) without simultaneous translation.

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