Revised Community of Inquiry Framework: Examining Learning Presence in a Blended Mode of Delivery

Jessica Pool, Gerda Reitsma, Dirk Van den Berg, Online Learning (OLJ), Sept 05, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Community of Inquiry model (CoI) postulates three types of presence: social, teachning, and cognitive presence. These presences can be direct, or they can be mediated through technology (such as books or digital communications). This paper (13 page PDF) examines an extension of that model, proposed by Shea and Bidjerano (2010), to include learning presence, described as "students’ proactive use of specific processes such as goal setting, strategy selection and personal monitoring of effectiveness." The authors studied a blended learning course for evidence of learning presence and found that "learning presence was established in this blended learning course, but it was influenced by the self-regulation skills of the students." I have always liked the idea of 'presence' - it's he difference feel when talking with a human and talking with a robot - but as a subjective feel is is difficult to describe and measure with clarity.

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