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On discussion lists recently the subject of personal identification schemes has resulted in considerable debate - should, for exam ple, ORCID be required by funders, or should the principle of an open, distributed and non-proprietary scheme be encouraged. Meanwhile, acyual web users are facied with an increasing number of sites requiring that they use their social media IDs - especially those from Facebook and Google - with the consequence that they surrender their privacy. In Germany an effort is underway to establish a third-party identification system that opreserves privacy and reduces the overhead required for authentication. This has been prompted by new data privacy regulations (General Data Protection Regulation) which will be enforced starting next May. According to the article, "The sign-in platform will be marketed to consumers as 'Verimi' — a mix of the English words “verify” and “me.” A dedicated website explaining the service and how to use it is starting to familiarize people with the initiative before the product’s launch."

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