The Structure of an Elm Application

James Kolce, CSS-Tricks, Jul 05, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We habve a number of Javascript and CSS frameworks - JQuery, Angular, Vue, Node, Less, Bootstrap, React - so the case has to be pretty good for adding another one. Though that said, as HTML changes, and as modern HTML is implemented on browsers, the need for various frameworks changes. And each of these does a different thing: one specializes in document manipulation, another creates user interface designs, etc. It's a constantly moving target (disclosure: I am currently working with JQuery and have dropped Bootstrap, which makes me an old fuddy-duddy using 3-year-old technology). Anyhow, this article describes a relatibvely new entrant called Elm in three parts (Part One, Part Two, Part Three). Elm is a bit different in that it is a functional programming language based on static types with output that compiles into HTML, CSS and Javascript. It also promises "a sane package manager" (which would indeed make it unique).

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