Demystifying the Connections Between the LMS, LRS, and xAPI

Brian Carlson, Margaret Roth, Michael Hruska, Learning Solutions, May 29, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The sort of this article is a set of use cases (they're hardly case studies though they're labeled as such) describing storage and use of "data in the Learning Record Store (LRS) from multiple platforms including asynchronous learning in an LMS, synchronous in-person training, a soft-skill development game, and team member collaboration in a mobile communication app." I think it makes a lot of sense (and would be surprised if this weren't done) were the LRS also used for performance data; we could see how a game, for example, and a real-life application could be very similar. Ultimately the purpose of the LRS is to be examined with data analytics, and comparisons of training and performance results would seem to be core to this. 
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