How to Prepare for an Automated Future

Claire Cain Miller, New York Times, May 04, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Why are we preparing students for jobs that won't exist? Consider this: "We don’t know how quickly machines will displace people’s jobs, or how many they’ll take, but we know it’s happening — not just to factory workers but also to money managersdermatologists and retail workers." As this Times article says, "The question isn’t how to train people for nonexistent jobs. It’s how to share the wealth in a world where we don’t need most people to work." Thant's not to say that we no longer need education. But the sort of education we need isn't skills upgrading, particularly. It's more like helping people become self-reliant and personally capable, not because they need to work in order to survive, but because they want to work to help society progress.

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