Building on Open Educational Resources – What’s Next?, May 03, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The focus of this article is on "three particular developments to shape the future of OER (quoted):

  • Developing replicable, scalable models for institutions and faculty members to adopt.
  • Adopting and Adapting New Approaches to Assessment and Flexible Degrees
  • Sharing The Tools for Generating Simulations and Games

As the authors say, "he key is not so much making new OER products, services and processes available but stimulating their adoption and use. What is needed are powerful examples of the adoption of OER models, practices, assessments and new approaches to credentials making a real difference to outcomes, performance and costs." The question I have is whether depending on a system that has depended for the last eight centuries on closed access is the best course of action to promote open access. See also: Making the Most of OERs.

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