OpenAIRE survey on open peer review: Attitudes and experience amongst editors, authors and reviewers

Tony Ross-Hellauer, Arvid Deppe, Birgit Schmidt, Zenodo, May 03, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think people interested in open pedagogy could draw some insight from this discussion of open peer review. There's not one single dimension to open publishing (or open science generally) but multiple dimensions, including open identity, open participation, and open reports. The idea isn't just to license openly, but to draw what is currently hidden into open view. Note that while open peer review may require open access, this isn't its defining characteristic. 'Open' isn't just about sharing resources (though this is a bit part of it) it's about making processes accessible and participatory. Read this document (39 page PDF) as a PDF rather than in the user-hostile viewing port on the web page.

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