Teachers’ Awareness of Guidelines for Quality Assurance when developing MOOCs

Ulf Olsson, Mar 17, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article at least gives a nod to Martin Weller's plea to let MOOCs define their own standards for quality. "Let people play and explore in this space without tying it down with the types of quality overhead we already have in formal education." And then it shrugs as says "whatever". "MOOCs must be shown to meet some of the same quality standards that other online courses are expected to meet," writes the author, without justification. It then proceeds to question "How aware are teachers of quality assurance systems when developing MOOCs?" along the usual lines. I've offered alternative accounts of quality in MOOCs: how diverse are the participants and technologies? How interactive is it? How open is it to different people and different types of participation? How free are people to define their own objectives and learning strategy? 

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