5 Topics That Are "Forbidden" to Science

Paul Ratner, Big Think, Mar 01, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article lists five areas that are 'forbidden to science'. I find it interesting that I am in some way implicated in all five. Here they are (and how I'm implicated):

  • messing with nature (yet I wear glasses, use a CPAP, and take various drugs)
  • engineering the climate (yet I do it every time I get in my car)
  • robot ethics (yet I envision and work on ethical robot tutors)
  • secure communication technology (yet I encrypt my email and work at a secure lab)
  • universal access to science (yet I work on that every day)

Now, yes, my involvement isn't exactly what they're talking about. But that's a technical limit, not an administrative limit. I would do all five of those things in a minute if I could (especially the first, so I don't have to die).

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