Online Charter Schools Have Poor Track Record But They Can Reach Places Other Schools Can’t

Matt Barnum, The 74 Million, Feb 27, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The 74 Million is a generally pro-charter lobbyist group, so though I've been reading them for a while I haven't found much to pass along. But this item should be looked at, for two reasons. First, it presents a substantial case that achievement in online charter schools is weaker. I consider that case to be made, and would require substantial evidence to accept the contrary. But it defends the schools saying, essentially, that online schools can reach students other schools can't. Again, also a given. But the sort of online school that would and has achieved good results - public (aka state-supported) online schools, or at least online classes - is resisted. "Politically powerful online charter operators would almost surely oppose either of these changes." The idea that private interests could and would lobby successfully for legislation against public- or state-supported online learning is offensive, and runs exactly contrary to the core values of education.

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