Gillard and Riseboro: How Canada can help boost girls' education globally

Julia Gillard, Caroline Riseboro, Ottawa Citizen, Feb 10, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article fits a standard pattern worth exploring. The lead author is a well-known politician (in this case former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard). The article has four major sections:

  • a story describing the problem (a 12-year old girl sold into marriage);
  • a policy or mandate (Goal 4 of the recently agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs));
  • outline of the responding organization ((GPE) is the only global partnership focused exclusively on education);
  • and the ask (Global Affairs Canada will soon release its response to Canada’s International Assistance Review... We hope to see Canada’s continued and deepening support).

Textbook. And it's published in a major newspaper in Ottawa.

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