Struggling = Learning

Karl Kapp, Kapp Notes, Jan 24, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Papert called it "hard fun". We;ll, it has been fun but I've been swearing a lot recently. Getting to understand technologies like Docker and Vagrant - and all the associated middleware and protocols and conventions - has been a lot to undertake. I have a simple objective to start - create an image of gRSShopper and serve it from AWS. Why do it it this way? Why not just study what I need? Because if I want to truly understand it I have to build it. That's the point of Karl Kapp's argument in this post. "When you really want learners to understand content or concepts, force them to struggle with the concept or the idea. The act of struggling and manipulating and engaging with content will make it more meaningful and more memorable." And if I want to be credible when I talk about these technologies, I have to know them, inside and out.

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