Ground: A data context service

Adrian Colyer, The Morning Paper, Jan 23, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Advanced analytics will look at much more than aggregate behaviour (which, for example, is what we see in learning analytics today) and will focus additionally on identifying context. For any given piece of data, for example, we can ask about who is using it (and with what), how they're using it, and how use changes over time. These are the major elements of an initiative called Ground, which is described in this article (which in turn summarizes a fascinating (12 page PDF) publication). "Each kind of contextual data (Application, Behavioural, and Change) is captured by a different kind of graph. Application context is represented by model graphs which capture entities and the relationships between them. Change context is represented by version graphs which form the base of the model. Behavioural context is represented by lineage graphs which relate principals (actors that can work with data such as users, groups and roles)."

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