The NIH Public Access Policy: A triumph of green open access?

Richard Poynder, Open, Shut?, Jan 23, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

'Green open access' means that an author self-publishes their paper, or posts it into an institutional repository. Gold open access involves submitting to a publisher, paying publication fees, and then having the publisher release the paper as open access. This article looks at the green and gold model from the perspective of the argument by some open access proponents that only papers released under a CC-by license are open access. The non-commercial license (NC), they argue, doe not qualify. The licenses are roughly aligned; the green model supports NC, because publication rights are often assigned, while the gold model supports CC-by, as demonstrated by the rise in CC-by licenses in Pub-Med Central (PMC). The article doesn't mention that what we are also finding is that the gold model is leading to abuse, with a proliferation of fake journals, rising publication costs, and other scams.

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