Design of an Embedded Engineering Learning on Social Cloud Model to Enhance Creative Thinking and Creative Product

Sathaporn Yoosomboon, Pallop Piriyasurawong, International Journal of Online Engineering, Jan 18, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This paper (9 page PDF), as the title suggests, describes the use of embedded systems to promote creative thinking in engineering. An embedded system "is a programmable or fixed in capability device iscontrolled by a computer or the combination of computer hardware and software re-modeled for a specific purpose." They are placed in medical equipment, industrial equipment, airplanes, cars, appliances, vending machines, cameras and toys. But these embedded systems don't have to be mounted in equipment - they can be served from the cloud as though they were actually installed in equipment and used for learning and experimentation by individuals or groups. That's what this paper describes.

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