Build a Custom CMS for a Serverless Static Site Generator

John Polacek, CSS-Tricks, Jan 09, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a pretty technical article so if you aren't inclined just read the first few paragraphs and skim the rest. Or if (like me) you like to get your hands dirty, set this one aside for a Saturday afternoon project. Here's the concept: by using an Amazon cloud account, we can create our own website without using a web server. Amazon provides basic services like storage and authentication; the rest of the word is performed by Javascript you run on your own browser. Why is this significant? Look at the Contentful website and you'll see: it shifts the primary interface to the API, the presentation is content-centric, and the service is scalable on an as-needed basis. It's like everything on the web before this was books, and now we're moving to something that is not books. This is the future; don't miss this.

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