The Teach to One Math Experiment in Mountain View, CA Is a Trainwreck: A Cautionary Tale of Digital Math Education

Dan Colman, Open Culture, Jan 07, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Programmed math instruction is fraught with potential pitfalls, as any designer knows, and some of them appear to have caught the Teach to One math program being piloted in California. But this article is as much a study in perceptions as it is about technology. In the letter written to the school board parents complain that (in addition to some bugs in content alignment) the Teach To One system isn't the way it used to be. Look at the criticisms: it doesn't follow a 'logical pathway', it spends less time on some topics, teachers spend less time with students, the content isn't organized by levels, there are no textbooks, and collaboration isn't working. None of these are flaws in and of themselves. If students aren't engaged - yes, that's a real flaw. But it's not wrong just because it's different.

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