The Learner Engagement Spectrum

Juliette Denny, e-Learning Industry, Jan 04, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Educators love nothing better than a good taxonomy. It's like dangling catnip in front of them. So courtesy of  is the learner engagement spectrum. "The Learning Management System can act as an indicator of engagement throughout the organization. If you have the right tools which let employees communicate and share their knowledge, you have several ways to make good use of their engagement spectrum." Note that this article looks like paid placement for Growth Engineering (and if so, should be declared as such, ahem). They want you to sign up to view this 23 page workbook. Don't. It's just a pitch to take you to the Academy LMS, which touts game-based learning. Hey, I like a good LMS as much as the next person, but unmarked paid placement like this discredits the entire industry (and especially the publications that run it). Read more.

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