Decentralized, P2P Chat in 100 lines of code

ZeroNet, DecentralizeToday, Dec 19, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I spent several hours this morning messing around with this and actually created my own peer-to-peer discussion board as described in the article - it works, but I'm not sure people can access it as the port is closed. You won't be able to access it by clicking on your own browser - the link points to a location on your own computer, and if you need to have ZeroNet installed to read it. Ah, but ZeroNet is an easy install, open source and free - download from here, extract into a directory, and then (on windows at least) run zeronet.cmd by double-clicking on it in the directory. It will open in your browser and you're on the distributed internet. What you've done is to load a Python interpreter and personal web server (which only you access). Here are the full ZeroNet documents. I like this a lot.

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