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Learning Design Principles

Pearson, Dec 19, 2016

Michael Feldstein points to this report on learning design principles from Pearson. The report (102 page PDF) is called "Objective Design and Instructional Alignment," which gives you a sense of their perspective. The recommendations are (quoted):

  • Explicitly specify observable knowledge, skills, or attributes a learner will achieve in the learning experience in objective statements.
  • Derive these from relevant standards.
  • Align all assessments and content to objectives to create aligned learning experiences, which are essential to effective learning experiences and Pearson's efficacy goals.

The report itself steps through a series of design principles, ranging from 'assessments' to 'learning object design' to 'critical thinking', and accompanies each with a set of rubrics for evaluating the concordant design. I like the structure of the document, though I think the authors could have been more discriminating in their selection of subjects - 'grit', in particular, doesn't really belong. There's also a blog post providing more background on the project.

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