Designing bots

Mary Treseler, O'Reilly, Dec 15, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

What this makes me wonder is what the best way to think is when creating bots. Consider this: "A designer who thinks in systems will get to know their users’ problems better and will be able to see the point where the bot technology won't be able to solve problems anymore." OK, fair enough. So thinking in systems is one way to approach bot design. But is it the best way? What would the alternatives be? I tend to think in terms of spaces and affordances, not systems. I think of open-ended possibilities, not ways of reaching objectives. But is that appropriate to a bot? I'm not sure, but we need to ask the question. As Desiree Garcia says, "I think there's a need to have a point of view, to note the ways we may be setting precedent for product design throughout the industry, and to know how to articulate it inside our multidisciplinary teams and throughout the broader design community."

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