Making A Large Wheel Skeleton Clock

Clickspring Chris, Clickspring, YouTube, Dec 05, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Before the internet you would never ever have seen something like this; the closest you would get would be the furniture-making shows on public television. This is a gorgeous set of videos describing the building and assembly of a large-wheel brass skeleton clock by hand. The explanations are good, and the video is crystal clear. Could you do it yourself merely by following these videos? Probably not; the show assumes knowledge of how to set and use the drills, taps and sanders. But they could inspire a similar project and help you visualize the work you need to do when you do it yourself. If you watch only one part of the 23-part series, watch the last one; it gives you the best flavour of the series as a whole and an appreciation for the final product. Via Metafilter.

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