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This is a good article dealing with the implications of the backlash against diversity in the wake of recent populist victories. The premise of the anti-diversity argument is that " liberals must appeal 'to Americans as Americans.' But of course, "Lilla 'overlooks the fact that Americanness itself is a particular constructed identity." So is Britishness. Etc. So I don't think the populist appeal opposes diversity, notwithstanding the clumsy way is is supported by its proponents. It is an appeal to the support of 'people like us' who are getting a raw deal. These people are, variously, white, or poor, or lowlanders, or Oceanians.

But the best bit is in the comments by : "the question then becomes: How do we, from the place of BEING a woman, or a black person, or gay, or whatever, relate to OTHER kinds of identities, but always from within that coverall political umbrella, and where we all can pursue a vision of the common good--from the general to the particular in our own lives and as history moves forward?"

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