Patterns in Course Design: How instructors ACTUALLY use the LMS

John Whitmer, Blackboard Blog, Oct 27, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'll save you the suspense: they mostly use it to distribute course content and announcements. They also use it as a gradebook. Even in the 11% use of the 'social' course archetype, more than half the use is content distribution. John Whitmer writes, "in initial exploration we have found a similar distribution in final grades in courses across all categories, and uneven results across tool use by course category. This suggests, counter-intuitively, that grade may be independent of course category." It's not that counter-intuitive. The majority of courses are based largely on the transfer of content from instructor to student. Grades reflect suvvess using that methodology, and are not some sort of independent arbiter between methodologies.

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