K–12 Computer Science Framework

Association for Computing Machinery, Oct 19, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A document called the K–12 Computer Science Framework (307 page PDF) led by the Association for Computing Machinery, Code.org, Computer Science Teachers Association, and the Cyber Innovation Center. The frameworek "promotes a vision in which all students critically engage in computer science issues; approach problems in innovative ways; and create computational artifacts with a practical, personal, or societal intent." It organizes the discipline into a set of 'core concepts' and 'core practices' (pictured). Interestingly the framework also weaves four major themes through the concepts:

  • Equity. Issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity are addressed
  • Powerful ideas... can be used to solve real-world problems and connect understanding across multiple disciplines
  • Computational thinking practices such as abstraction, modeling, and decomposition
  • Breadth of application: physical systems; the collection, storage, and analysis of data; and the impact of computing on society.

I think it would be productive to compare this framework with the various accounts of 'digital literacy' that circulate through the educational community. Via and with commentary from Mark Guzdial and Alfred Thompson.

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